Reunion Feedback

Our 25th Reunion is now in the past but it is very important for the reunion committee to gather feedback in order to help us to plan future events.  Please answer the following questions if you attended any of our reunion events.

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1)   Please rate the Knickerbocker Tavern as a venue for the Friday cocktail party

2)   Please rate the UVA as a venue for the Saturday dinner and dancing event

3)   Please rate the food served at the UVA event

4)   Please make suggestions for future reunion venues

5)   Please rate the DJ used at the UVA event

6)   Please Rate the timeliness of the communication about the events

7)   Please rate the effectiveness of the communication about the events

8)   How easy was the website to navigate

9)   When should we hold our next reunion?

10)   Please add any comments you would like to share with the committee